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Myth Do lightning rods attract lightning?
Fact Definitely not! They are designed to intercept and to conduct a bolt of lightning to ground, that has zeroed in on the protected structure.
Myth Do trees protect structures from lightning?
Fact NO! Trees do not provide protection from lightning because of the dangerous ground charge that accompanies the stroke and travels through surrounding buildings.
Myth Do T.V. antennas protect structures from lightning?
Fact NO! Your television antenna is a target that does not have adequate grounding to safely conduct a lightning bolt to ground.
Myth Are lightning surge suppressors and voltage spike protectors adequate protection?
Fact Such devices are an integral part of a complete lightning protection system, but used alone will not protect a structure from lightning damage.
Myth Will I be safe if my building is in a low lying area?
Fact NO! Lightning frequently strikes in low lying areas as well as in higher locales.
Myth Do lightning rods look unsightly?
Fact Definitely not! An experienced installation contractor can tailor a lightning protection system to aesthetically blend in with any surroundings. In many cases it can be hidden entirely, except for the air terminals themselves!
Myth Do lightning rods require routine maintenance?
Fact NO! Due to the composition of lightning protection components no maintenance is required unless changes are made to the structure.
Myth Are lightning rods expensive?
Fact No. Typically, a lightning protections system is less that 1% of the total cost of the structure!

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