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These are the safety guidelines set forth by
The Lightning Protection Institute:
In the event of an approaching storm seek shelter immediately.
If you are unable to find shelter in a building or residence that is equipped with a lightning protection system, LPI suggests following these basic safety guidelines:
- Stand clear from doors and windows
- Keep away from electrical equipment and appliances including hairdryers and
  curling irons
- Do not attempt to unplug TV's, stereos, or computers during a storm
- Avoid contact with sinks, faucets, baths, and piping
- Do not use the telephone other than for emergency calls
If you're caught outside during a storm and unable to reach a lightning protected building or hard-top automobile, be careful as to where you take shelter.
- Avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscape
- Do not use a tree as shelter
- Keep away from metal objects including bicycles, motorcycles, and golf carts
- Avoid standing near tall or metal objects such as fences, poles, and power
- If you're with a group of people, spread out
- If you feel a tingling and your hair stands on end, lightning may be about to
  strike! Do not lie down or place your hands on the ground.
Always remain alert to changing weather conditions!

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