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    The services offered by Teates Lightning Protection include but
are not limited to the following:

Protect your home Protect your business Protect your home

 • New Installation - The highest quality products known to the industry are used to provide an existing structure with effective lightning protection. These products are installed by a master installer based on codes put forth by the Under Writer’s Laboratories, the National Fire Protection Association, and the Lightning Protection Institute.

    • Semi-concealed – All conductors are hidden in the lines of the
       existing structure. Usually installed on completed structures.
    • Concealed – Conductors can be concealed in the attic,
       interior walls, and below grade while during construction.

    • Existing System Repair – Old systems that are not up to standard code will be brought up to code using new conductors and proper installation techniques. Any changes to a structure, such as an addition, new roof, etc. may require repair to an existing system.

    • Surge Protection – An integral part of an effective Lightning Protection Installation. Surge Protection can be tailored to each client’s needs.

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